USA – Moore Co. school board removes vice chairman after calling Jewish board chair a Nazi

David Hensley

Moore County, NC – The Moore County Board of Education removed David Hensley from his vice chair position after some derogatory remarks directed toward a colleague.

The school board voted unanimously Wednesday to remove Hensley from his vice chair position, all committee assignments and to censure him.

This development comes after Hensley called Robert Levy, who is the board’s chair and Jewish, a Nazi.

Hensley will remain a board member.

Just five minutes after Wednesday’s meeting started, Moore County Board of Education went into a closed door session. During the session, the board sought legal advice on how to address Hensley.

The controversial board member is known to have riffs with his fellow board members. However, this week tensions grew when Hensley referred to Levy as a Nazi while on radio.

When the closed session ended the board voted unanimous three different times. The first to remove Hensley from being vice chair, the second to strip him from committees and the third to censure him.

“Our policies mandate that we model civility, when we conduct ourselves, our students are looking,” Levy said.

Hensley called Levy a Nazi for the way he handles the board’s agenda.

“The name calling was something that was not pleasant, but I think we need to get beyond that,” Levy said.

“Being a school board member, I think we should always choose our words wisely,” said Moore County resident Shawna Wilson.

“There is a better way to express your opinion than name calling,” said Moore County man James Jackson.

Hensley maintains his board member seat, but now he is a board member with no leadership roles, no committees, and no support from his colleagues.

Hensley said he has no comment on the board’s decision from Wednesday. He did tell WRAL News, “I’m not going anywhere.”

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