Germany – Antisemitic man who masqueraded as Jew ousted from program

The “Jewish General” brought along: “Dr. Frank Borner" Source: Henryk M Broder

At his ‘Meet a Jew’ gatherings, Frank Borner claimed that Jews have a ‘capacity for suffering’

Over the course of three weeks, a German man who stoked antisemitism while claiming to be Jewish was unmasked and faced a public downfall.

Frank Borner, a school teacher, had hosted two gatherings called “Meet a Jew” on the island of Fehmarn, on the northern coast of Germany. 

On Tuesday, the news website Fehmarn 24 reported that the organization that was hosting these talks pulled the plug on future events with Borner. When asked by Fehmarn 24 if he is a Jew, Borner refused to answer.

German Jewish author Henryk M. Broder and his colleague Moritz Gerlach first broke the story about Borner’s manufactured Jewish identity in the daily broadsheet Die Welt on July 19. The Welt journalists wrote that Borner claimed that Jews have a  “capacity for suffering.” Borner linked the alleged Jewish suffering to a “victim role” that adheres to Jews “archetypically, like primordial slime.”

Borner also claimed in his talk that New York and Hollywood are “full of Jews” and “firmly in Jewish hands.”

After the publication of the Welt exposé, i24NEWS reached out to the Central Council of Jews in Germany. The German state-subsidized Central Council issued a message about Borner on X, formerly known as Twitter, stating “The damage done by such charlatans to such an important project is great.” 

The local Jewish community also said that Borner was never a part of their “Meet a Jew” program. 

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