USA – Racist, antisemitic phrases found spray-painted in Ohio State lecture hall

Columbus, OH – Ohio State University school leaders and campus police quickly condemned and removed what they described as racist messaging in a lecture hall on campus. 

According to the police report, it happened on Monday in Hitchcock Hall. An officer found racist and white supremacist phrases.

The university sent out a statement saying if anyone experiences racism or discrimination to report it immediately.

10TV spoke with Andrew Pierce II, the president of the Undergraduate Student Government. 

Pierce said Ohio State is known for its diversity and inclusion. He said he feels like it was attacked with this form of hate. 

“I’m disgusted honestly, disappointed that we’re all still having these conversations in 2022,” Pierce said.

A spokesperson with the university said the messaging has since been cleaned off. 

“Words have power, and that’s why it’s so important to take instances like this so seriously,” said Pierce. “You know what does it truly mean to be a loving neighbor? And the fact that we’re still having to have these conversations shows that we’re not there yet but I’m ready to have the conversation.” 

Pierce said his organization and others have already come together to make sure the many voices of students were heard in the process of exiling this hatred from campus. 

“Training on racist thoughts but also on antisemitism to ensure that students are working with the university to ensure that we have a united front against racism and hatred,” said Pierce. 

Pierce hopes whoever did this understands the severity of what happened. 

“People who are racist or are antisemites or anything else you have no place here and you will not be allowed to be here,” said Pierce. 

University police said there were no cameras covering where the messages were written. 

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