Mexico – The Jewish community wants to cancel the performances of a neo-Nazi band

Mexico City – The Jewish Community of Mexico urged the authorities this Friday to cancel the concerts that a neo-Nazi band has planned in the country.

The Greek neo-Nazi metal band Der Stürmer, whose name alludes to a Nazi German publication, has a concert scheduled for January 13 in Guadalajara and another for January 14 in Mexico City. The venue of both concerts will be known only to the limited attendees.

“The Jewish Community of Mexico condemns the intention of holding a party in Guadalajara with clear messages of hate and racism, while trying to promote Nazi and fascist ideas,” said a statement from the Central Committee of the Jewish Community of Mexico.

“We ask the corresponding authorities not to allow it to be carried out. We reject any form of discrimination, racism, xenophobia and antisemitism and most especially the denial or minimization of the Holocaust,” he added.

The Jewish Community of Mexico joined the condemnation of the concerts also made by various organizations, such as the Guadalajara Antifascist Coordinator.

According to the Coordinator, Der Stürmer is considered a “‘cult’ band among connoisseurs of neo- Nazi music and whose members sympathize with the Greek fascist Golden Dawn party.”

The organization indicated that the groups organizing the concert bear the names of Metarockfosis , Azermedoth Records , Black Serpent Legacy and Blood Productions , and that the Mexican bands Sargatanas , Heretic Ritual and Erekhigal will accompany Der Stürmer .

The coordinator accused that the concerts are the product of a “growth of the extreme right in the partisan elites in Mexico and their alleged anti-rights agenda that is directed against broad sectors of the population.”v

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