Argentina – An antisemitic publication in Página 12 newspaper

Buenos AiresAn antisemitic publication in the newspaper Página 12 in a humorous cartoon on its front page provoked widespread repudiation from the Jewish community.

The Delegation of Argentine Israelite Associations (DAIA) was blunt in its statement.

«Página 12, putting political leaders of Democracy on an equal footing with sinister characters from the dictatorship is harmful and mean. Making ‘humor’ by appealing to Jewish persecution is even worse. After 40 years of democratic life, we fight for a better coexistence and more mutual respect », they tweeted.

For its part, the Simon Wiesenthal Center recalled a phrase from its founder.

“Simon Wiesenthal used to say ‘What begins with the Jews, never ends with the Jews.’ He meant it very seriously. When someone threatens to exterminate you and kills 6 million, you learn to keep your alert level high. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. Humor is something else,” he said.

The cartoon is the work of graphic humorists Rudy and Paz. The dialogue was as follows:

– We have to promise attractive things for the electorate…send the army to Rosario and annihilate drug traffickers!

– That was already promised by Bullrich and the Government.

– Shut down the Women’s Ministry!

– That was promised by Milei and Larreta.

– I already have it!

– Persecuting Jews, no.

– Ugh!

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