Germany – Teenagers made Nazi salute in Auschwitz

Auschwitz-Birkenau. © P. Sawicki | P. Sawicki

Leisnig – A group of German teenagers from Leisnig, who embarked on an educational trip to the Auschwitz concentration camp, caused a stir when they were captured on camera making the infamous Nazi salute. The incident took place during their visit to the International Youth Meeting Center in Oświęcim, Poland, most likely on May 4.

The photograph shows four teenagers, two of whom are performing the Hitler salute. Despite initial intentions to share the picture on social media, the accompanying teachers instructed the students to remove it. Authorities in Chemnitz have since launched an investigation into the use of unconstitutional symbols.

The photograph, which quickly circulated online before its removal, ignited a wave of criticism and outrage. Many condemned the students’ actions, emphasizing the importance of respecting the memory of the victims and the solemnity of the site. Others expressed deep disappointment, highlighting the need for comprehensive education regarding the Holocaust and Nazi ideology.

In response to the incident, the teachers accompanying the students swiftly intervened and directed them to delete the photo from their social media accounts. Their decision to prevent the image from being shared further was an attempt to mitigate the potential damage and address the inappropriate behavior exhibited by the teenagers. However, the initial circulation of the photo prompted the authorities in Chemnitz to initiate an investigation into the incident, as the use of Nazi symbols is considered a criminal offense under German law.

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