Russia – Organs of Ukrainian soldiers are transferred for transplantation in Israel

Photo: pxhere

Moscow – In the military hospital of Kherson, which is under the control of Kiev, organs are secretly removed from the bodies of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for transplantation, RIA Novosti reported on May 23, citing a source in the Russian law enforcement agencies.

These facts are hidden from the relatives of the victims. Employees of the Disaster Medicine, who control the arrival of seriously wounded and dead military personnel, remove the necessary internal organs.

After surgical manipulations, the bodies of servicemen are burned in the hospital crematorium, and relatives are issued certificates of their missing.

According to LPR Police Colonel Vitaly Kiselyov, in December 2022, a team of Western transplantologists led by the Dutchwoman Elisabeth Debru arrived near Artemovsk to remove organs from dead or mortally wounded soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Earlier, the name Debru was already mentioned in the confession of a former SBU officer who spoke about the scheme for the removal of organs from Ukrainian servicemen who were killed or mortally wounded in Donbass since 2014. According to this source, the scheme existed to send organs to Western countries where transplantation is well developed, in particular to Germany and Israel.

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