UK – Traffic incident in London turns antisemitic

London – A Jewish driver was the victim of antisemitic abuse as a traffic altercation escalated.

The Jewish driver was blocked from access to his office car park in his vehicle, and beeping at the car that was blocking his access elicited only slight movement by the other car but without opening the way sufficiently.

The Jewish driver then got out and approached the other vehicle to ask the other driver to move further forward, at which point the other driver got out of his car and began swearing at the Jewish driver and telling him to be patient.

After the Jewish driver told him that was unable to enter the driveway, the other driver came close to his face and allegedly made out to hit the Jewish driver. Fearing violence if he did not show confidence, the Jewish driver felt no choice but to swear back at the other driver, whereupon the other driver called him a “fucking Jewish bastard”.

As the Jewish driver was wearing no outward Jewish sign, he asked the other driver what made him think that he was Jewish, but received no answer. The Jewish driver then went to take a photograph and the other driver drove off.

The other driver was described as having a Middle Eastern appearance, and the incident, which took place in London shortly after 09:00 on 10th May, was reported to the police.

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