France – Antisemitic, racist and homophobic emails sent to more than 80 majority parliamentarians


Paris – More than 80 Renaissance parliamentarians have filed a collective complaint with the National Pole for the Fight against Online Hate of the Paris Court of Justice after receiving antisemitic, racist and homophobic emails, or promoting Nazi ideology.

The elected officials received on Monday and Tuesday, on their email addresses from the National Assembly and the Senate, two emails accompanied by “antisemitic, racist, homophobic leaflets” aimed at “restoring the domination of the white race in Europe”, a specified the deputy of Moselle Ludovic Mendes, who filed the complaint.

The leaflets contained a link to a website “encouraging acts of ultimate racist, antisemitic and homophobic violence”, with “several explicit references to the Nazi regime and Holocaust denial, as well as a return to National Socialism “, he continued.

“These emails deeply shocked us by the messages of hatred they convey, by their calls for violence, as well as by the use of references to Nazi barbarism”. But, “these seem to be sent via software that does not (not) allow the sender to be traced directly,” noted the Moselle deputy.

“In view of the seriousness of the remarks, the targeting carried out and the impact that these may have on ourselves, as well as on many French citizens, we wish to file a complaint collectively so that those responsible for these mailings are sought. and prosecuted,” he said.

The head of the Macronist deputies Aurore Bergé is part of the group of parliamentarians who filed this collective complaint on Tuesday. The presidents of the National Assembly Yaël Braun-Pivet, and of the Senate, Gérard Larcher, also took legal action.

“In recent days a large number of us have received an anti-Semitic email. Such an act cannot remain without reaction. I therefore decided to file a complaint with a civil action, on behalf of our institution, ”wrote Yaël Braun-Pivet in a letter to the deputies. “Very many deputies have been targeted, all groups are affected”. “It is an operation which was obviously made via software”, specified the presidency of the Assembly.

For the Senate, Gérard Larcher announced, also by mail, having seized the Paris prosecutor under Article 40 of the Code of Criminal Procedure after the receipt by several senators of “anti-Semitic emails and incitement to racial hatred , which featured many Nazi symbols.”

« Le parquet national de lutte contre la haine en ligne a bien pris en compte le signalement et a confié les investigations à un service spécialisé », a confirmé le parquet national numérique.

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