Spain – The president of the PSOE of Seville calls Elías Bendodo a “Nazi Jew”

Amparo Rubiales and Elias Bendodo // ABC

Seville “Nazi Jew” . This is how the president of the PSOE of Seville, Amparo Rubiales , described the speech of the general coordinator of the PP, Elías Bendodo , who this Wednesday answered that “whoever qualifies like this, qualifies himself.”

Rubiales called Bendodo a “Nazi Jew” when echoing on Twitter a statement by the ‘popular’ general coordinator on Saturday about the electoral advance to July 23. He called the president, Pedro Sánchez, a “cheater” and accused him of seeking to prevent the Spanish from voting by calling the elections in the middle of summer. “It’s really the speech of a Nazi Jew!” Reacted the socialist leader.

This Wednesday, Bendodo has used the same social network to respond to the president of the PSOE in Seville, stating that “whoever qualifies in this way qualifies himself.” “In the PP to ours: proposals and that moderation, common sense and the sense of State prevail soon in a new Government of Spain”, he added.

The Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain (FCJE), an institution that officially represents Spanish Jews, has “strongly” condemned the “antisemitic comment” used by the president of the PSOE in Seville, Amparo Rubiales, against the general coordinator of the PP, Elías Bendodo, whom he called a “Nazi Jew” in a tweet on June 3. “It is about anti-Semitism since Bendodo’s Jewish origin is pointed out when no other politician is identified with his origin or religion,” the FCJE lamented in a statement, collected by Europa Press.

In the opinion of the Federation, “beyond political differences”, it is ” intolerable and despicable to use the origin, tendencies, belonging or religion of an adversary to make a political criticism”.

They also consider that the use of terms that have to do with Nazism to compare current people or situations “represents the trivialization of one of the most criminal regimes in history.”

For all these reasons, they urge politicians “to remove from their vocabulary these terms that in no way help respect and coexistence . “

The leadership of the PSOE in Seville has requested this Wednesday “a rectification” to its president , the historic socialist Amparo Rubiales.

After the criticism received, Rubiales has published a new message on his social networks: “I am neither sexist, nor xenophobic, nor antisemitic, nor homophobic, nor anti-trans nor anti-anything. Without equality there is no freedom. Do you understand it?”

For her part, Amparo Rubiales has published a tweet this Wednesday in which she assures that she has “nothing, nothing against the Jews” but “everything, everything against the Nazis.”

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