USA – Racist, antisemitic flyers found in White Lake Township, MI

White Lake Township, MI – It was a shocking find made by Lisa Wood of White Lake Township. A bag filled with messages of hate critical of diversity, inclusion, and equity, claiming all three Civil Rights principles amount to taking things away from white Americans.

“It’s totally wrong, we do not believe this in this area,” she said. “We need to stand up and stick together and go up against this kind of things because my generation already did this and we’re not doing it again.”

Wood explained how the disturbing discovery was made.

“A neighbor had come up to me and asked me did I receive something like this? He spoke to me and told me that this was done all throughout the park,” she said.

The hate mail was discovered right around the Juneteenth holiday no less, also promoted a video documentary called “Defiant” along with a link to a website filled with anti-Semitic content. She said the bag also had unknown items in it creating a whole separate worry. 

“We don’t know what’s in this baggie,” she said. “It shows us that they have no respect. That they’ll go on your property and try to pressure you into seeing the way do, which is never going to happen. Maybe back in the 50s and 60s. This isn’t the 50s or 60s.”

White Lake police could only say they are investigating at the moment.

The flyers feature the same content on some found around suburban Los Angeles also promoting the video by someone known as Devon Stack along with the anti-Semetic website link.

Police there say they have responded to similar incidents over recent months.

And about 25 minutes over from White Lake in Hartland, residents found a swastika spray-painted on a tree along with anti-LGBTQ propaganda popping up across the community.

Neighbors are sick of it.

“I want to send the message of love and acceptance,” Wood said. “Not hate and being afraid.”

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