USA – Popular far-right personality implicates Rothschilds in Titan submersible disaster

Zachary Vorhies, a software engineer and Google whistleblower, went on the Stew Peters Show last week where he and host Peters promoted the conspiracy theory that the sinking of the Titanic was deliberately orchestrated.

Furthermore, Vorhies implied that the implosion of the OceanGate Titan submersible, a disaster that killed five people, was also by design.

According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Peters is a white nationalist and serial conspiracy theorist. Left-leaning media watchdog Media Matters America reported that Peters even claimed Black people are genetically predisposed to commit crime and Jews control the media and have a religion that is a “death cult built on the blood of murdered babies.”

Peters introduced the segment by saying, “If the entire media is in alignment on something then, there’s probably something hidden. What if all of this is actually a ploy to keep people from visiting the Titanic wreckage? But if that’s the goal, why? Maybe because if people explore the Titanic too much, they would discover that it wasn’t an iceberg that sank the Titanic.

“There’s a lot of alternative theories about how that sinking occurred. That it was intentionally sunk as part of an elaborate insurance scheme, and even that it was sunk by a newly created federal reserve.”

Vorhies went on to explain his theory that the Rothschilds and other bankers in the early part of the 20th century were trying to create the US Federal Reserve Bank but were met with opposition – notably, from John Jacob Astor IV, Benjamin Guggenhei, Isidor Straus, and George Dunton Widene. He then pointed out that all four of those individuals perished on the Titanic.

“It’s the belief of a lot of people that pieced this together,” Vorhies claimed, “that those were the actual targets because shortly after the Titanic sank, the Federal Reserve was instituted.”

“We all know that jet fuel can’t melt steel beams, but what we should also adopt is that an iceberg can’t cut through hardened steel,” Vorhies told Peters.

Regarding the OceanGate Titan submersible disaster of this past week, Vorhies claimed: “The thing about this submarine which is really weird is that it was actually funded by the Rothschild dynasty.”

“Why [was] this sub, which has all these different problems… permitted to go down and visit [the Titanic]?” Vorhies asked.

He went on to explain his position that the Rothschilds deliberately funded a mission doomed to fail so that when something catastrophic happened, it could be used to fuel legislation banning people from going to investigate the wreckage. Thus, nobody would uncover their purported crimes, according to Vorhies.

“There is a new treaty that’s getting implemented that makes it so that citizens of Western countries… can’t go visit [the Titanic wreckage] without a permit,” said Vorhies.

“My belief is that they’re going to use [the submarine implosion] as justification to prevent anyone from going down and visiting the Titanic” and therefore prevent people from finding evidence that the sinking of the Titanic was an orchestrated event not the consequence of a collision with an iceberg.

Conspiracies invoking the “Rothschilds” are frequently coded accusations against Jews. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, “the Rothschilds have been targeted by conspiracy theorists as a prime example of Jews allegedly using their money to control global financial institutions.”

Such conspiracies about the Rothschild family date back to the rise of their family as an economic power and include a variety of malicious theories including a charge that they orchestrated the holocaust in order to garner sympathy for the Jews and Israel.

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