UK – Islamist hate cleric who praised Hitler for killing Jews allowed into UK

Bangladeshi cleric Enayet Ullah Abbasi (Photo: Facebook)

London – A hate preacher who said “Hitler did a good job on killing Jews in the Holocaust” was allowed to enter the UK for a lecture tour despite his history of extremism.

The Home Office is facing questions about why it granted entry to Bangladeshi cleric Enayet Ullah Abbasi for a speaking tour earlier this month.

He was only forced to cut short his visit after reports revealed that he had praised the September 11 hijackers and a series of venues where he was due to speak withdrew.

Now further details of the violent rhetoric espoused by Abbasi, a prominent figure in Bangladesh where he draws large crowds, can be revealed including a series of vile antisemitic statements about Jews.

The JC has unearthed a video of speech he made in Bangladesh last year in which Abbasi told his supporters: “Hitler did a good job on behalf of humanity.”

He added: “In Europe, he sized down a huge number of Jews, nearly seven million.”
In the Bengali-language speech, translated by the JC, he went on: “If these [Jews] remained, then living in this world would not be possible, is this correct or not?

“Through the Holocaust, he killed nearly seven million Jews. This was the Jews’ deserving.”

He added: “These Jews’ numbers are reducing. Research has shown that their reproduction capacity is reducing…Who then bombed their reproduction capacity? Was it us – they call us Muslims terrorists anyway – no, this is God’s curse.”

In another speech he also attacked Israel, warning Jews to leave the country, saying: “Beware Jews, Palestine is the land of Muslims. Palestine is not your kingdom. I tell you Jews, get out of the holy land of Palestine and if you don’t, remember the story of the invasion of Khaybar.”

Referring to the 7th century battle at Khaybar, near Medina, in modern Saudi Arabia, where Jews were massacred, he continued: “Remember the story of the battle of Khaybar in history. Khaybar went down and how were the Jews killed?”

He has also erroneously claimed Brexit party leader Nigel Farage is “a big radical Jewish leader” and who led Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Reports in India also say that he called for an invasion of country and occupation of Hindu land.

In a further video seen by the JC, he says: “Bangladesh is only for Muslims. This Bangladesh belongs to Islam.

“Bangladesh did not become independent with the blood of Hindu’s. Bangladesh became independent with the blood of Muslims.”

During his tour Abassi gave speeches in Birmingham, Leeds and Northampton.

However events in Luton, Leicester and Newham, east London, were cancelled after reports that he had praised the 9/11 terrorists and Osama bin Laden as “brave lions” emerged .

During his visit, Abassi was welcomed by a Labour councillor Enam Haque who described him a “highly respected and prominent Islamic scholar”.

But in a later statement, Haque later said: “I was completely unaware of Enayet Ullah Abbasi’s abhorrent views, and I condemn them in the strongest possible terms.”

The Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “Given Mr Abbasi’s public history, not only must the Home Office explain how he was granted entry into the country, but it must also reassure the public that this recent visit will be his last.”

Rashad Ali, of the Institute of Strategic Dialogue, who reviewed the videos, said: “This is not just religious fundamentalism of a very populist and extreme nature but fused with fascism.”

Karen Pollock, CEO of the Holocaust Educational Trust, added: “These abhorrent views have no place in our society. 

“Praising Hitler for the Holocaust and complimenting him for the ‘sizing down’ of world Jewry is sickening and deeply offensive.  These are antisemitic and hateful views that should be fully rejected and condemned.”

Liberal Democrat equalities spokesperson Christine Jardine MP said: “Antisemitic rhetoric like this is totally unacceptable. There’s no place for it in our society.”

A Home Office spokesperson said: “Extremism has no place in our society. We work closely with law enforcement, local communities and our international partners to tackle groups and individuals who sow division and hatred.”

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