UK – Flyers accusing Jews of paedophilia found at Swansea university

Swansea – A concerned party has contacted Campaign Against Antisemitism informing us that they have found two stickers at Swansea University which make inflammatory accusations about Jews.

The stickers were reportedly found at the University’s Singleton Park entrance.

One sticker contains grainy black and white imagery that apparently documents the circumcision of a baby Jewish boy and contains accusations of paedophilia, a common antisemitic trope.

Underneath the images, the caption advertises the online domain GoyimTV, a video-sharing site operated by Jon Minadeo II, who is understood to be the leader of the Goyim Defence League.

The GDL has been described as an antisemitic hate group whose membership reportedly contains several neo-Nazis. In the United States, the group is divided into regional branches and regularly distributes antisemitic flyers. Last year, Mr Minadeo II created t-shirts carrying antisemitic slogans such as the Holocaust was “a hoax” and more recently, they hung a banner from a bridge in Austin, Texas that read “Vax the Jews”.

The source told Campaign Against Antisemitism that, on an earlier date, they had also found a sticker that contains a version of the “smirking merchant” image along with the caption “Jews have been kicked out of 109 countrieds [sic] over 1300 times”.

The smirking merchant meme depicts a hook-nosed man with a nefarious grin wearing a head covering and holding banknotes. The meme is thought by many to be a classically antisemitic representation of a Jewish person.

The source went on to state that they saw the stickers when they were walking to work at around 8:00 on 1st September, and they were still there when they were walking home around 15:30 the same day, prompting them to take photographs of the images. However, when they returned to the office on 6th September, the flyers appeared to have been removed.

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