Australia – Vile antisemitic daubing on Melbourne synagogue’s billboard

Photo: Dvir Abramovich FB
Photo: Dvir Abramovich FB

Melbourne – Vandals have daubed an antisemitic message on a billboard advertising Shul services in front of a Chabad synagogue and religious centre in Melbourne

“Stop the Jews” was spray-painted on the sign promoting the Chabad on Carlisle services in Balaclava early on Wednesday morning.

The Anti-Defamation Commission, Australia’s leading civil rights organisation, has condemned the vandalism of a billboard outside a synagogue in Melbourne

The billboard, advertising religious services for the Jewish New Year, was placed at the front of Chabad on Carlisle, a religious centre and synagogue in Balaclava, Melbourne.

St Kilda police are investigating.

Dr Dvir Abramovich, Chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission, said: “I am angry at this disgusting, hateful graffiti, and understand why some members of the Jewish community feel under siege.

The voices of evil are out in force, and we cannot allow such incidents to become the new normal. ‘Stop the Jews’ is a bone-chilling call for violence, and we know very well that such ugly, poisonous rhetoric can cross the line into violence and murder. Antisemitism is rearing its ugly head in Melbourne with alarming frequency, as we witness a troubling rise in verbal and physical aggression against Jewish people.

This vandalism is not just an attack on the Jewish community but a frontal assault on all people of faith, and when this type of cruel antisemitic vandalism comes into full view, it reminds us that there are hardcore bigots in our midst.

It seems that not a day goes by without obscene antisemitic vandalism disrupting members of the Jewish community’s lives, and this one, during our High Holidays, is especially sickening. These traumatic episodes should be treated very seriously by the police and government, and we must not sit idly by when cowards seek to make antisemitic conduct the norm in our neighbourhoods. I call on all leaders to join the ADC in vigorously rejecting this destructive vilification and to say in one voice that this bigotry has no place in our community.”

Daniel Aghion, President of  The Jewish Community Council of Victoria, told J-Wire: “It is always distressing to see antisemitic vandalism outside synagogues, but it is particularly upsetting to see hate speech against Jews being spread during the High Holy Days.

Jewish people, like all Australians, have the right to practice their faith and traditions freely without vilification.

I urge anybody who witnesses antisemitism to report it to the Community Security Group on 1300 000 274.”

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