USA – “He was Jewish” Johnny Bench makes antisemitic comment

Johnny Bench

Cincinnati, OH – The Reds Hall of Fame held a press conference Saturday honoring Danny Graves, Bronson Arroyo, and the late Gabe Paul (represented by his daughter Jennie Paul.) The inductees were joined on stage by previous Reds Hall of Fame Classes. The two biggest stars on stage were Pete Rose and Johnny Bench.

The three new Hall of Fame inductees were given a chance to speak to make opening remarks.

“I don’t know if you know this, but dad (Gabe Paul) started this Hall of Fame. He didn’t start this Hall of Fame so he could be in it. He started this Hall of Fame for all of you,” Paul said, gesturing to the Hall of Famers on stage with her.

Gabe Paul was the General Manager of the Reds from 1952-1960. Paul died in 1998.

“He (Gabe Paul) was a minority himself, I don’t know if many of you know that he was Jewish. He was a very big proponent for the underdog because he was an underdog himself. He went into the Latin leagues and the Negro leagues and he signed as many minority players as he could. Which strengthened the Reds. You have a team in Cincinnati today because of Gabe Paul, I’m so proud to be representing him so thank you so much,” Paul said.

About fifteen minutes into the press conference, Pete Rose was given the opportunity to speak about the late Gabe Paul.

“I was right out of High School in 1960. Gabe Paul signed me to a contract. For 400 bucks a month,” Rose said.

“That’s cheap!” Jennie Paul interrupted.

After a few laughs, Johnny Bench chimed in.

“He was Jewish!” Bench said across the stage.

Some in the room laughed, other kept to themselves.

WCPO reached out to the Reds for comment, they are yet to respond.

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